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Walter Jankowski, Interactive Business Seminars

  • Walter can meet with 6 people in your organization and tell you at least 10 ways you can streamline, grow market share, or improve customer satisfaction

  • Walter can help you develop a strategic plan in 4 hours and then help you actually execute on it (that's really what it's about!)

  • Walter can provide professional coaching for 1 or 1,000


The Change Management Series

Mergers, new technologies, and transition to a younger generation of workers all present significant changes for organizations - are you prepared for your next big change? Check out Walter Jankowski's Change Management Series:
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Tectonic Shifts : A Director’s Guide to Leading Large Scale Organizational Change

Does your credit union have a big change on the horizon? A merger, new technology, or change in how you do business? In this session we’ll review the theory and foundation of managing change, how people react and changing behaviors. Walter will provide methods, techniques and best practices for managing large-scale change efforts that you can implement immediately. This session covers:
• Types of Change
• Some Change Management Models
• Wally’s Top 10 Tips for Effective Change
• Tools & Best Practices – Some Case Studies of Large Scale Change

Organizational Design: Designing an Effective, High-Performance Organization

Many organizational changes go right to moving boxes on an org chart. In this session, we will outline a best practice, six step process to purposefully design your organization into a high performance team. We will provide tools and techniques to clarify the strategy, develop design criteria, document core processes, identify role competencies and metrics, design the team / reporting structure, and develop job descriptions. If you are about to go through a reorganizatoin, you will not want to miss this session.

The Millennials Are Here Attracting and Retaining the Millennial Generation as Customers and Employees

Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y . . . And now the Millennial Generation! How prepared is your organization to attract this next wave of Customers and employees? This interactive session explores the
motivating factors of the Millennial Generation those born between 1982 and 2000. What drives their loyalties? What are they looking for in products and services? How can you attract them to your organization?

Your Workplace is Changing, 140 Characters at a Time: How the 2020 Generation and Millennials Will Change HR and How You Do Business

In 2014,we are about to experience a social phenomenon not yet witnessed: five generations working side by side. And it will be the newer generations that will most impact how your human resources department will need to adapt. Everything from recruiting, developing, motivating, work schedules, benefits, and managing performance in a mobile, diverse workplace will all need to become more personalized and social. In this session, we will explore what the 2020 Workplace will look like an how HR will be a major driver of the “cool places to work.” We’ll also provide some strategies of how to attract, connect, engage, develop, and communicate with tomorrow’s employees today.

The Customer Series

Managing customer satisfaction and retention are key factors to success in any business. This series will help you fine tune your processes and keep happy customers fueling your business.

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Growing Your Sales Through Sales Process Management

If your organization is looking to increase sales, having a great sales force is a good start but the leverage is a great sales management process. Defining and building responsibilities in your process will make all the difference. We will look at what world class organizations have in sales processes and systems. We’ll review your sales core processes of new sales, referrals, up-selling, contact management, and then best practices in managing those processes. You’ll walk away with tools and techniques to implement in your sales organization.

Turning Complaining Customers Into Happy Ones For Life: Building Your Customer Complaint / Feedback System

What does your organization do with customer complaints? How do you get feedback from your customers as to how well you are doing? In this session we will look at your complaint management and feedback process to really understand how you are satisfying your customer’s needs. We will look at several examples of what world-class organizations are doing to get feedback from their customers.

Hey Buddy What’s Your Problem? Finding Root Causes to Your Customer Complaints

Think of your most recent customer complaint. Wasn't fun, was it? In this hands-on session we will analyze those reoccurring complaints from a system perspective and follow them back to the problem process. You will learn various tools and techniques to determine "what's the REAL problem?"

Cool Tool Time Sessions

Whether you are a leader looking to motivate your team to more effective results or an individual considering a new career path, these high-energy sessions will leave you prepared and encouraged to chase your next goal.
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Consensus Tools: Do you have trouble getting consensus in your team?

5 cool consensus tools that will help your team come together in making decisions quickly with a better shot at consensus.
• Fist or Five
• 10/4 Voting
• Radar Charts
• Nominal Group Technique
• Multi-Voting

Process Improvement Tools: Need to streamline, improve efficiency, reduce errors, or make a process more consistent?

We will learn, practice and show examples of cool ways to improve your processes:
• Process Mapping
• Swimlane Diagrams
• Top 5 Things to Look For

Data Tools: If data collection is the heart of any improvement, then putting it into pretty graphs is the life blood.

We will cover:
• Pareto Diagram
• Histogram
• Run Chart
• Top 5 Graphing Tips

Planning Tools: Thinking about doing some strategic planning, planning for project, department planning or planning your wedding?

We will learn, practice and show examples of some cool planning tools and techniques:
• Affinity Diagrams
• Quick and Dirty Prioritization Methods
• Tree Diagram
• High-level Timeline

SharePoint – Managing Processes and Other Cool Stuff: Is your organization using SharePoint to its fullest?

Sure you store files in it but did you know there are some pretty cool stuff you can do to build your department webpage / desktop, communicate to your team, manage processes, document procedures, automatically assign tasks, track the status of work requests or projects, create your department metrics, and more! In this session,
we’ll walk through some examples of how to better utilize this powerful productivity tool.


Top Tools & Tips to Wow Your Team: You’ll walk out of this session with specific techniques that you can use tomorrow!

You may know the tools, you may not. In this hands-on, interactive session we will rapid-fire the top cool tools used in facilitating teams. We’ll review the tool, share best practices, what works, what doesn't, and several examples:
• 3 Quick and Dirty Consensus Tools
• 3 Process Improvement Tool Tips
• Top 5 Data Tool Tips
• Planning Tools – Going From Big Piles of Issues to Specific Work Plan

Top Tools & Tips for Your Board or Business Development Team: Methods for Developing and Executing a Good Plan (and Building Your Team)

With your board or team, does it sometimes feel like you’re herding cats? It’s hard to get a group of people to develop and execute any Business Development, Marketing, or board strategic plan. In this hands-on, high-energy session we’ll cover a barrage of tools you can use with your team, board, or even church committee. Topics include:
• 3 Quick and Dirty Consensus Tools
• Planning Tools – From Big Piles of Issues to Specific Plans
• The Plan is the Easy Part – Methods to Ensure You Execute
You’ll walk out of this session with specific techniques that you can use tomorrow!

So, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?: Are you stuck in a job you don’t love? Looking for your true passion in what you do?

Four tools and concepts to help you figure out “what you want to be when you grow up:”
• Your T Diagram
• Finding Your Passion Exercise
• Front Office / Back Office Exercise
• Now What?

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