Speaking / Workshops

Engaging people of five to five hundred by delivering activity based experiences

By working closely with the Meeting | Course Manager to develop an agenda that aligns with the program’s goals and objectives. Walter’s sessions receive positive feedback and strong learning retention. I focused on getting the participants talking in the first five minutes and walk away with three things they can apply tomorrow.

Topics & Presentations Include:

  • Performance Excellence and Taking Your Organization to the Next Level
  • Becoming a Process Geek – Process Management, Process Improvement
  • WASTE and What’s a Sigma and Why Would I Need 6 of Them?
  • Project and Change Management
  • Metrics – KPI’s and Balanced Scorecard
  • Knowledge Management, Training and Development
  • Attracting, Retaining, Developing Your Workforce
  • Technology, Disruption, and Future Trends
  • Cool Tool Time – Facilitation Tools
  • Board Effectiveness

Let Better Dash Faster speak or train your group.